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Buy and sell farm equipment without the markup.

What is FarmEquimentMatch?

We level the playing field for farmers by providing a fair way to buy and sell equipment. Rather than paying huge dealer margins, finds someone looking to sell what you're buying or buy what you're selling. 

Benefits of working with FarmEquipmentMatch

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Fair Pricing

No monopolistic mega dealer markups here. 


Hassle Free

Just tell us what you want and wait. We handle the search.


Trusted Partners

We have decades of experience and tailor your transaction to meet your expectations.


How It Works

Equipment survey

Take several minutes to fill in some basic details that will narrow down what you are looking to sell or are looking to buy. Fill in your contact information and we will contact you to clarify the details. Then we go to work to find the perfect match.


We evaluate all machines to determine a selling price below what the dealers are asking and above the trade-in value that the “mega dealers” are willing to allow you. We provide this information to you and we agree on a strategy.


We search our database to find someone looking to buy what you are selling or someone wanting to sell what you are looking to purchase.

For Sellers

Machines that we list for sale, will be on Tractor House, Machinery Pete, and for the greatest possible exposure.

For Buyers

Your detailed listing of what you are looking for, will be available for viewing by potential sellers in real time as requests are received.

The Sale

After we complete a match, we help to facilitate the sale as a trusted third –party. We even offer warranties on some machines through Machinery Scope, a trusted provider of warranties for high quality, used farm equipment.

  • How will I benefit by using
    We work for the buyer and the seller to find the perfect match. Our objective is to put the buyer and seller together to create a balanced and fair transaction. The Mega dealers objective is to extract as much money from every transaction, as is possible.
  • Why is using different from other methods of buying and selling equipment?
    Your specific situation is taken into consideration. Our focus is on achieving the best outcome for you, not on padding the margins of a mega dealer who have often lost focus of what is in the customer’s best interest.
  • Where can I see the equipment that you have listed for sale?
    Please go to
  • What services do you offer to help with my equipment purchase or sale?
    - Trucking - Clean up and reconditioning - Repairs as desired (quoted at the shop of your choice) - Equipment valuations– for estates, bank statements, business structure changes. - Complete listing services (as desired) on Tractor House, Machinery Pete and - Auction services with Auction Time - Equipment locator services to find exactly what you need for your business - Financing with Ag Direct - Warranty options with Machinery Scope. ( Machines must meet hour, year and condition requirements)
  • Why is this better than just trading my used machine or buying a used machine at a “mega dealership”?
    We will market your machine to reflect current market value. We achieve a balance between buyer and seller, where both keep extra money in their pocket. The “mega dealer” extracts the maximum from the seller and the buyer. We work to create a balanced transaction where both parties come out ahead.
  • Do you work with items other than farm equipment?
    We do have some knowledge and connections on some types of construction equipment, trucks of various types and will list items that are related to agriculture. Please contact us on these items. All items are listed at
  • How do I get started?
    Click "Buy Equipment" or "Sell Equipment" below and fill out a short form.

Ready to try FarmEquipmentMatch for yourself? Let's get started.

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